Gotthard Tunnel Ceremony a satanic ritual?

Anyone watch clips of the ceremony? There is some bizarre content in the ceremony for sure.

Here is the whole thing.

part 1

part 2

If you don't want to watch the whole ceremony (I didn't) then here is a short video I encountered discussing the notion it was satanic ritual.

Nobody came across this?

At the very least, fucking creepy.

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The short video is like 8 minutes. Give it a watch, I'm telling you, that ceremony was fucked up.

Nothing wrong with a little Satanism here and thete. Its good for the soul.


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I'm not even a Christian (just a agnostic) and I was like "those are some crazy fucking Satanic motherfuckers right there" when I watched the ceremony.

I'm surprised with all the OG'ers interested in conspiracies/power structures/alternative media analysis that more OG'ers have not seen or heard of this ceremony.

Did the UG have top men at the ceremony, is that why the OG is not talking about it?


Yea I'm 50/50 on this one.

Part of me says the master choreographer wanted to be deliberately controversial to draw attention to his "art".

The other part says that shit is straight up weird. The sacrificial lamb was the weirdest part. Phone Post 3.0

It is absolutely bizarre. There was a lot of talk about it on the web a couple weeks ago when it happened, I'm also surprised the OG isn't all over this. Phone Post 3.0

That is about the oddest thing I have ever seen.

It's either some of that elite/illuminati/now doing a ceremony "in plain sight" like CTs say they do (putting stuff in popular culture etc) or the artist who put it together deliberately made it to look like some occultist ceremony.

A bunch of images and costumes often associated with nefarious rituals/sects are in it and they even do the whole sacrificial lamb thing.

Spooky shit. If that tunnel has some crazy disaster some time in the future there'll be a bunch of YouTube videos pointing out this initial "opening ceremony" Phone Post 3.0

Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal Phone Post 3.0

yep that was some wierd shit

That shit is weird Phone Post 3.0

I ran across that last weekend. And then watched a bunch of other related videos. Its very suspicious that this weird occultic stuff gets inserted all over. Suspicious as in it doesn't seem coincidental or by accident.

That's insane.

Don't get me wrong --I can totally understand having baphomet at your Pinkberry Grand opening or whatever, bur they went too far,

That was fucked Phone Post 3.0

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