Goulet: "Try to Submit me Alessio"

MMA on Tap caught up with Jonathan "The Road Warrior" Goulet after his fight at TKO 29 to get his thoughts on the bout and to find out what's in store for the future. After providing his thoughts on the bout he went on to call out WEC welterweight John Alessio.

“I want to be a champion. I’m thinking about the WEC Welterweight Title but first I have to fight July 14th in King of the Cage. John Alessio is back on track, after his fight when he won by guillotine choke he said it’s his move but I’m curious if he’d be able to apply a guillotine on me.”

Full article (includes video of fight):


Thoughts on Alessio vs Goulet II?

Goulet takes it

Goulet beat Alessio in TKO, but I'm willing to bet that Jon would TKO Goulet nowadays.

Hopefully MMAWeekly gets him on tonight so we can get his thoughts on the fight.