Goulet vs Day

According to Goulet's trainer, it would be now confirmed that Jonathan Goulet will be facing Jason "Doom" Day at June 23rd UCW!

Jason Day told us previously this week he was waiting the athletic commision decision to know if he got a suspension from his fight vs Cote on June 1st. This could mean he is cleared to fight on June 23rd.

Would be great to get also Jason Day or Sosz confirmation on this update.

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I'm no authority, but Kryz announced yesterday on the radio here that the fight has been signed, and that Day wasn't suspended

Looking forward to this fight

WOW, that'd be a great match up, another big test for Day and a big challenge for Goulet

RITC also mentions this



Are we talking about 170 lb John Goulet and 205 lb Jason Day??? Or am I missing something?

Day has moved down to 185lbs (last fight at TKO was at MW) and Goulet will take fights at 185lbs (last fight at TKO was at MW, KOTC fight is at MW)

so they both do fight at 185 lbs

so let me get this straight goulet faught the 1st in TKO, he will be fighting the 23rd at UCW and July 14th at KOTC? thats an intense sched right there gl to Goulet he is ambitious

yea that's what it looks like. 3 tough fights at MW in a short period for the Road Warrior.

Why is Patry letting Goulet fight outside of tko in Canada?

Saw Goulet a few weekends ago he was looking HUGH, wish him the best.

"Why is Patry letting Goulet fight outside of tko in Canada? "

because coming off a quick win Goulet is ready to get right back in there and stay busy. TKO doesn't have any immediate card coming up. Patry has let Cote fight in other orgs in Canada, as have others.

Wrong as usual WC17. Goulet is done with TKO. His contract is up and he will most likely be leaving the organization as well as getting rid of Patry as his manager.

Patry couldn't stop his heavyweight champ from fighting elsewhere, nevermind anybody else

Who is Goulet's new manager?

goulet is done with TKO?

who gets the shot at the vacant welterweight title then?

That's cool. I didn't realize they are both fighting at 185 lbs now.

When you meet in Manitoba, the rule is you have to meet at the division between you ;)

from sherdogs mm-eh colum

Day vs. Goulet at UCW

Neither Jason Day nor Jonathan Goulet (Pictures) appear to want any time off this summer, as the two busy fighters are scheduled to square off at UCW 8 on June 23, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

UCW co-promoter and member of the International Fight League's Los Angeles Anacondas, Krzysztof Soszynski (Pictures) confirmed to MM-Eh! that the Day-Goulet fight will be the main event.

The last fight for both fighters was a few weekends ago at TKO 29, where Goulet shocked the crowd with his eight-second high kick knockout of Travis Axworthy (Pictures), and Day lost a hard-fought battle against Patrick Cote (Pictures).

This fight will be the second for each fighter at middleweight, with Day formerly fighting at light heavyweight, and Goulet formerly at welterweight. Day has confirmed that 185 pounds is where he'll be staying from now on, but Goulet said that it's his love of barbeque in the summer months that prompted the temporary move up in weight.

Awhile back goulet said he was done with TKO and Patry and that he
will be moving out west.

Claveau was also having issues with Patry a few weeks ago and claimed
he was thinking of disassociating his team from TKO.

that's true something happen between me and Patry. so because of that personnal problem i'm not going to fight for the TKO for a while

We need "THE ROAD WARRIOR" to come to Edmonton!!!!!