Goulet vs Ouimet or Bruckman

According to forum member YL2, I believe Dave Goulet's first title defense will be Donald Ouimet.

Anyone else remember that Stephane came on here and stated that Loaf would get the winner of Goulet vs Davidson at the next TKO???

Or wait a second...it's happening again isn't it?

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!! i only SUPPOSED it would be Ouimet because it was supposed to be him the last time, i didn't know Stephane Patry said that Bruckman would be his next opponent, i tought you guys at Franco didn't want to do business with TKO anymore.



I'm just curious. I manage Justin and I know what I was told and what was said on this forum. I'm keeping a very close eye on this cause I'm waiting for the 'Sorry, Goulet is not fight Justin'.

I know the fans want to see this, as I get a tonne of e-mails about it and anyone I talk to says 'When is Loaf gonna fight Goulet?"

I'm just tired of not getting Justin this fight. If he's not gonna get it, I need to know.

Anyway, I also want to know what other fans think of this situation.

SDJ I laughing about something else right now and I'll share that with you later. LOL.

I think you as his manager should be looking elsewhere. There really seems no light at the end of this tunnel. Ouimet was in the ring after the fight and I'm pretty sure ET is a big sell in Montreal compared to a name such as Bruckman.

But as a fan I want to see this fight. I just want to see Loaf fight again. I have only seen his fights on DVD or tape and would love to see him preform live.

I'm sorry Joe, i really thought you guys were going to boycott TKO from what you said last week.

As a fan i really would like to see Bruckman fight at TKO, he's been always one of my favorites fighters and i hope he will be back fighting in Montreal, against Goulet or even Ouimet.

Sorry again for the misunderstanding.

I think it will be Goulet vs Ouimet,Id like to fight the winner of that..I'm comming off a WIN,by the time Goulet vs Ouimet finally happens il probably have 2 WINS...I'd like to finally or for once get a chance at a championship fight

ttt for that! :)

I think Loaf will fight for TKO if he gets Goulet.

Goulet is running and I don't believe that Stephane wants to let Justin get a shot at a belt. I think he only wants certain fighters to hold a TKO title and he knows Goulet can't hang with Loaf and his hugs.

No offense Pain but I can't understand how you should get a shot before Justin. I will still pull for you if you do get that shot though.

TTT for the Loaf!

I have no doubt if Loaf gets a shot he'd win...Im not going to debate who desrvs it more.....

so TTT Pain and Loaf who ever gets the shot 1st

bla.bla .. 4 patry..knew that a long time ago:)

JF u get my email?

I think Ouimet would beat Goulet just because of the wrestling edge to Ouimet.

Bruckmann and Ouimet I'm not sure who wins... I would think that Justin could get the choke.

Then Justin would be champ... then Blake would have to call Jenny Craig for some consultation... at that point they can rematch.

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ttt for a title match.


Loaf is one of the top 155'ers in the country.