Lets go buddy, kick some ass tonight!!!

Goulet Goulet Goulet

( Same tune as Cote Cote Cote)


best of luck Mr.Goulet!

Good luck tonight Goulet!!

Congrats Goulet on 1st round Submission!  RNC

Congrats Jon!



Tres Bien!!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!

hey thank you guys that's funny i didn't know that i was going to find a tread about my fight.

with that win i won a 4 fights contract

so thank you and hope you'll enjoy my fights live next time

Nice work !!!!!!!!!

lol at tread.
Goulet even types with a french accent.

Great job ROAD WARRIOR! 4 fight contract is awesome!

Congrats Jon! We should see you on the Montreal card in April now!

Congrats Jonathan !