GoW III vs Ninja Gaiden 2 vs Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

This XMAS I'm going to play all three and give you guys the totally unbiased, objective gen about which is the best.

Same genre nominally, but waaaayyyy different regardless - GoW has prettier graphics, lighting, cinematics, better storyline, etc., but the NG games have much deeper and more intelligent combat systems (though also the most retarded storylines in all of videogame history).

In GoW if you ramp up the difficulty, the bad guys get more hitpoints and do more damage to you and maybe get a little faster; in NG they get only a little stronger but the AI shifts to an entirely different (and highly aggressive and cooperative) routine. I can use the same tactics on GoW on Easy or Hard, it just takes longer on Hard to kill the mobs; using the same tactics on NG when going from Normal to Hard will result in you throwing your controller through the wall due to repeated vicious ass-kickings that happen shockingly fast.

I enjoyed GoW 3 and NG 2 (never played Sigma, IMO it's bullcrap that the blood and corpses were all edited out, and the "new" characters were pretty widely panned).

IMO GoW is more for kids (yeah, I know it's full of tits etc.), people with short attention spans, and the general gaming population based on how pretty it looks and how relatively easy it is; NG is more for hardcore gamers, a much smaller population.

And the winner is... GOW III

You don't have a PS3. I'm willing to bet you haven't even played GoW III.

Like I said, one of GoW's biggest strengths is NG's absolute biggest weakness - the storyline.

Figuring out which weapons, which combos, which attack styles (aggressive vs. countering vs. lots of grapples, etc.) work vs. each enemy and in what groups is a blast, but it would be 10x better if you bought into the story behind why you are kicking all these dudes' asses.

In NG, you fight people because they're there; in GoW you fight them because they fucked you over and you NEED revenge, which makes the ass-kicking more satisfying :-P


Blue, please? :-P