GoW2 or Fallout 3 ?

you have a choice one or the other, same price, what do you go for?

I liek both gen's and already have Halo 3 and GRAW2, looking at NHL 09 and COD 5 as well

 It depends if you prefer on line play or not?

The single player mode on Fallout 3 is waaaaay better and more interesting than GoW2. BUT there is no on line play for it.

The GoW2 on line game modes are fun. 

So its a matter of preference.

Fallout 3!

LiveWire is right, basically comes down to your online preference.

If you like online-> GoW2

If you like single player-> Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is great for single player, it's a must have for the 360, really.

Can I say both?

Tough call, just rob a variety store then buy both

If you already have some online shooters, Fallout 3 all the way, especially with the ongoing expansion packs. I'm still playing that game 6 months after I bought it - amazing.



I have both and Fallout 3 by far is the better game.

 Wildly different games but Fallout 3 will definitely give you more for your dollar unless you're really into Gears online. Gears single player is around 10 hours maybe while most people put 80-100 into Fallout.

Gears of War is over rated imo. Fallout 3 is one of my favorite games ever.

fallout 3 without question.

i have both.

i really dont see what all the fuss re: GOW2 is. It doesn't have nearly the replay value of fallout. if you want a game with guns n monsters you need RE5.

Oh wait. Fallout has guns n monsters too. doy!