GP Classic/Matt Serra/ 8 Man Pro

Don't have an exact number of participants for the seminar. Frank has also been recieving phone calls regarding the seminar as well. I've heard from three different schools that state they'll be attending it with a handful of participants.


Guy, do you plan on having a 160 and under pro div. in the future? I would like to offer myself as an alternate if someone backs out or gets hurt. thanx.

Fernando, our goal is to continue having these pro divisions at future events. But, of course it will depend on continued sponsorship from local companies to make sure this happens. We definetly want to make a 160lb and under pro division happen at one of the future events. And we'd definetly consider you for one of those alternate slots.

thanx brother, see you soon.

WE CAN DO IT! Sup Scott how you doing? hopefully great, call me to train brother.



Check your e-mail, homey.

Yeah...I said "homey".


Thanks again steve.


It is going to be a great tournament and seminar.

Where's Billy Dowey?

From what I understand billy is not able to compete. He is recovering from a shoulder or back injury. Forget which one it is.

That figures. Some things never change.

I think he has a combo elbow, shoulder, thumb injury. All from separate incidents too I think.

The bad thing is, he still kicks my a$$ only using 1/2 his limbs, 4 digits and 2% of his brain.

I know they treat him rough at the gay bar. LOL

He was good when I used to train w/ Greg, but I hear he's gotten really damn good lately.

"I know they treat him rough at the gay bar. LOL"
And yet he keeps going back...