gptt mount rushmore

4 spots. permanent. no algorithms, no changes. What's done, is done. Who are our pioneers for all time? Who will the posters of the future look back on as the fathers of the good posting revolution?




D Huge (first good posting mod)



I have already started to chisel the first three picks. But #4, I could possibly be talked out of, although it will be tough. cBt might have created the thread of the decade, after all.


Who is on your mount rushmore of good posters? 




Have to go with MMA Playright for the last spot for sure. Phone Post 3.0

Mookie, Steve, MMA Playright, Stickerprez for me Phone Post 3.0

Inn. Phone Post 3.0

Good mountain. Phone Post 3.0

playright, casio, never serious, david huge. the list goes on and on. 

Mooks - Steben - Playright - Tom Cruise









Hocky, calo, art, bws