GQ lightweight bracket...

Lightweight Team U.S.A. Trials - 149.9 lbs. and below:

Mike Fowler, Team Lloyd Irvin, Pan American Champion, 4-Time Grapplers Quest Champion
David Jacobs, Yamasaki Jiu Jitsu, 3-Time GQ-National Champion

Renato Tavares, American Top Team Black Belt, 2004 Florida ADCC Lightweight Champion
Jordan "SuperFreak" Damon, Tai Kai Machado Jiu Jitsu, Gene LeBell's Grapplers Challenge Champion, Multiple Grappling Titles

Jeff Glover, Paragon BJJ, 4-Time GQ-West Champion
Alan Teo, Team Renzo Gracie, 2-Time GQ-National Champion

Mike Mrkulic, Royler Gracie/David Adiv USA, 6-Time GQ Champion
Mike Cardoso, Freestyle Fighting Academy, Abu Dhabi Veteran

Your pick?

TTT for Alan Teo

finals cardoso vs pick cardoso by points.after the last meeting they had i'm confident cardoso will beat him this time.

lloks like a great tourney

Mrkulic all the way!!

I'm calling the upset and going with Jacobs. That guy was the strongest 159 I ever grappled, I can only imagine how strong he will be at 149.

jeff glover

Fowler and Glover should be the favorites for their accomplishments.

brackets are very even but I am rooting for my boy ALAN


TTT for TT-Teo =)

Its a tough draw with any of those guys in there but I'll go with my boy Mrkulic.


This is gonna be the best tourn IMO.



I think that Fowler and Tavares will meet in the semi.
on the other side of the bracket, Teo is really good
and Jeff Glover has a good half guard game, can go
either way, but I will pick Teo who has more
experience, tough call. Last fight, a war of foot
locks, MrKulic and Cardoso are very good on that, can
go either way. Tough bracket, but I will pick my old
buddy Tavares to win it all. I wish I could be there
to support him and watch good fights!


ttt for teo

DragonSpirit- I hope that we can work something out
about the seminar!