GQ results.

Those superfights were awesome! Every fight was excellent.

Glover-Scarolla was an awesome match. Tyrone is as good an atlhlete as I've seen, like a mini-Jacre. But Joe was right there w/ him the whole way. That match was fought at a very high level of grappling. I'd put both of those guys against anyone in their weight class.

Renato Migliaccio had a beautiful throw early in the fight and controlled from there. Jared slapped on a pretty tight triangle as time expired. good match.

Jeff Glover and Flower was a good match too w/ Jeff working his patented 1/2 guard and cathing an omoplata early that Flower calmly escaped from and then Glover w/ a kimura from the 1/2. Flower just keeps getting better.

Kurt Pellegrino showed he is the man right now at this weight. I don't think there is too many guys out there that can beat Flower and KP has done it twice. This match was really close and I'd like to see them go again. I'd like to see a KP-Parapininha match.

Migiaaccio also won a stacked adv. division beating Yamasaki's Noah Booth in a good final. The kid who beat Jeff Glover won by fluke. If Jeff fought him 100 more times, I'd bet Jeff every single time. it was just one of those things.

Greggor Gracie (Igor and Rolles little brother))also won his division. This is a blue who is beating some browns and will be "the next big thing". The kid is only 18, he's very, very slick.

Rick McCauley and Rick Migliarese also split their division.

Another person to watch is 16 yr. old Amie Turton who did well against the men's teen division and won her division in the women adv. She's on quite a roll lately (look for the writeup about her in Grappling Mag this month)

Props to Brian Cimins for a very well run tournament.

Also thanks to all who donated to the Joe Priole Cancer Fund, over $1000 was raised. Thank You to everyone who donated!

More results are on the Atama BJJ Forum.


correction on your post. Amy did not win the womens advanced division. Jen Grimme of Tai-Kai won first place. Amy did look awesome though in the teens division. Congrats to Jen and also Rebecca faber of Tai-Kai for her first place win also!

great event..ttt

An Ashley Turton of NJIMB-CABECA competed in the Children's Lightweight division with 3 boys. I don't recall where she placed.

Scott-Amie won something. I was coaching her. It was at the end of the day. I know she lost in the afternoon, but she won a division at the end. Don't know what it was. Rebecca looked good again too.

Amie is a very talented/tough girl.....i reffed some of her matches at the last us national in florida naga, feb. 7th...she is unbelievable. She was tapping guys out!

I told her that i was scared of her and i meant it!

Plus she helped me keep time and explained bjj rules to me :)


ttt for my boy Rick McCauley...

how did Kurt Pelligrino win? that surprised me


KP won 6x2 over Brian Duchez - 2 Nice double leg slams by Kurt. He almost had a kneebar but Duchez escaped and got on top for his 2 points. Pelligrino swept him to regain top control.

Then against Fowler, Kurt got 2 for a takedown off a sprawl/guardjump by Fowler. Fowler played closed guard throughout so the fight pretty much stayed there.

Congrats to Amie!

Congrats to all!

Congrats to Team Renzo Gracie! Awesome!!! Kurt is the man! Renato
stepped up for a great match up! Renato is one of Ryan Gracie's Black
Belts. A huge congrats goes out to him as well for his victory! Congrats
also to Joe Scarolla for fighting from what I hear was a great match!

Bummed I couldn't be there today, but I had to tend to something quite
important that prevented me from being able to see, from what I hear,
an awesome event. I've gotten a quite a few calls, and everyone says
what a great day it was with some serious competition out there. The
levels are getting higher everyday. Congrats to Team Renzo for
stepping it up as well! Congrats to Brian for putting on another great


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF


Damn...I haven't heard any negative shit from Hpunk in a long time.
Actually life is great. Especially after this weekend.


Renzo Gracie Association/ECJJF

Teens Cruiserweight - Steven Roberts - Serra JJ

Teens Heavyweight - Frank Oyague - Serra JJ

MC - that sounds like an insult

Savbo1- Whassup Cris!! It's Parrumpinha!!!!!!
ahahahahah!!! Congrats to your fighter.

ttt for team renzo

fightfan2003, not really an insult...KP knows what's up....

tell KP to drop me a line, i'll explain.....