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Whats up Parrumpinha! Not only can't I spell your name, I still can't say it either. LOL. I'm just going to call you P. There was some good action up here in your weight class yesterday, some guys ready for a shot at your title :) (well maybe they'll be ready soon)Good luck in your future fights.


It was a great tournament and the superfights were spectacular.

Sav, you da man as always.

MC - sorry, but i do not know kurt. it certainly sounded like an insult... "KP knows whats up" only confirms that. i am not really surprised that you were surprised kurt won. everybody knows your knowledge of jiu jitsu (& kurt's game) is inadequate...(white belt?)

PS - BTW your victory under your profile was against some tough competition....20 people in the whole tourtament, hmmmmm

What a waste of my time.....

I'm done w/ this thread....

I know you are not KP ;) but email me and we'll talk


Savbo1- That ok not spelling nor pronuncing my name
correctly. My next fight will be this weekend at Abu
Dhabi Open tournament here in Florida. I was schedulle
to fight Joachim Hansen, but he backed up and now I am
fighting a Japanese fighter that won the Japanese
Trials. Thanks for your words about me. See ya

Good luck this weekend P. Kick ass!

Email you? Do I know you? What for? So you can talk shit about Pelligrino, who's accomplishments as a competitor I happen to admire? Nah, no thanks.
But if you so desperately want to talk about it, why don't you say it out here?

LOL @ me arguing w/ someone who has 5 posts! haha and no behind a screen name, huh? haha


mike dont bother with the trolls 90% of this forums members are trolls

MC...You said you train with MFS now, right? Maybe I should email Pat himself to come check out what kind of "aspiring fighters" he allows to go to his place...see if this is the kind of behavior he'd expect of someone from his school ( which I don't think it is). You're just another internet shit talker with over 1,000 posts and no skills! Regarding my profile, why would I let you know who I am ? Now that I'm having fun with how much it's bothering you? I can't believe that was the best you could come up with...LOL

thanks sav!

amie looked fantastic on saturday! was she in the women's absolute at the end of the day? what happened in that? i had to leave before it ran.

ashlee turton was very impressive also, i think she placed second in that kids division. she looks just as tough as her older sister!

congrats to jen grimme who won her division, nick teoli (sp?) of tai kai who had some great matches also (his first tournament) and placed fourth in his division, and josh santobianco who also placed fourth in his division.

great tournament brian!

Ladybug-Rebecca? If so, hello :)

I think it was the womens absolute Amie won because the women looked older than teens. She won either 3-4 fights, (I can't remember)all by submission except one.

Also, another person I forgot to mention was Steve Kim looked good too, I can't rememeber if he won his division or bowed out to someone but he didn't lose either.


yes, it's me, rebecca.

that is awesome that amie won the absolute. i want more info on the matches. anybody?

LOL, go ahead......Pat will laugh at'll be the new j/k around the gym....i just got back from training w/ him an hour want his number?


Mike, it's pretty obvious that fightfan's trying to stir shit up. I don't think you said anything disrespectful, you just stated your opinion. Don't let it get to you.

sav --

thanks for the props! i did win the division, but i didn't fight the way that i wanted to. i guess that's what the first year of law school does to you -- too much time in the books, not enough time on the mats!!

one thing that i want to say is that i was very impressed with how friendly everyone is at the tournament. all of the high-level guys fought their hearts out on the mat, but off of the mat, we were all joking and laughing together, which is what makes the sport great!!! very few bad attitudes, i thought.

a big congrats to all my teammates, esp. kurt for his win in the 4-man tournament!

the level of the female competitors consistently impresses me, and it's good to see some very tough competition out there. is rebecca faber still a blue belt? i know that she's been around for a while, but wasn't sure!

i'm waiting for my rematch with sav at the churrascaria, who unmercifully crushed me!

MC- No thanks, I have his email and number. About me being the new joke at the gym, me who? LOL..

Now, about being a joke,..."Hey guys, check out my interview!"..."Hey guys, I'm a referee at NAGA! Hey Kirik, where's my green name? I just beat a karate guy with no experience at a local event! That happens to be my only fight!" ...pathetic!

Is there any more you can do to draw bad attention to yourself besides communicating on the UG with your own roommate? Go get some skills, you're a white belt. The guys you talk shit about would tap you in 10 seconds.

Yeah, I think I will go ahead and show Pat who he's accepting at his gym. See if he'll be laughing like you said. His school is way too nice for you to represent so badly. If you only had skills to make up for your shit talk...:)

PS- It is really not my style to disrespect others, but if the shoe fits... and its definately not my style to argue with someone over the internet. I am officially done with this conversation... ;)


skimhead -

how do you find time to train and go to law school, let alone compete? impressive man! it must be tough.

Amie won the womens absolute with 4matches all ending with a tap. She tapped the first, Tessa(dont know last name)with an armbar and the second with a triangle third with another armbar when she couldnt finish the triangle and the forth the girls arm was fully extended and Amie also had a triangle locked in so the ref stopped the match.

Thanks for the hat :)

I def. know who this is.....