Gr8 Britain vs the World line up - wicked card!

£14.95 and you get.

Chisora v Klitschko (worth it to see Chisora get Bingo'd)
Kahn v Maidana (can Khan avoid getting Bingo'd)
Smith v Degale
Cleverley, Macklin, Kell Brook, Frankie Gavin and Bellew all in action as well

Excellent cards.

Ortiz v Pearson is main support to Khan too.

Frankie is off the Liverpool show with flu.

Delboy Klit off now too!

Klitschko doesn't have a torn back muscle. He pulled out because Chisora released details of the contract he had to sign. Klitschko threatened to do it if Chisora spoke about it right from the start.

Really? So the fight is completely off?

Yeah, totally off.

Cleverley's opponent pulled out today too.

Its all falling apart sadly. I'm not paying 15 quid for Smith v DeGale and Khan v Maidana.

I'll be there.

I'm gonna try and catch Haye's jaw after Klitschko propels it into the second tier.

LoiseauElbow, when Haye meets either Klitschko are you up for a monetary bet on the outcome?

Let me think about it! I've paid bets on here before so I'm not backing down!

I'd really want Haye to win but I just can't see it.

I think Haye beats Wlad by KO and Vitali by decision.

DeGale was supposed to be in for a hard time, as Smith is a decent fighter and had a very partisan home crowd in his favour.

DeGale and Groves should just wait until they are both world title level before they fight. That way more money for everyone involved.

I havent seen the fight yet but the description is that degale romped it??

If so he has to be the favourite going into the fight with Groves.

Ill bet on Groves though as I reckon the bookies will put Groves as a massive underdog and I think it will be a lot closer than people think.

Well I'm going to stay loyal, I've followed George since before his debut so I'm going to back him.

Hmmm, I've switched from side to side over the last year but I'm ready to nail my colour's to the mast.....

All aboard the DeGale bandwagon!

Have to say though - whilst it hasnt quite captured the public's imagination (yet?), its good to have a good proper british rivalry to get behind.

Haye-Fraudley is too much of a one-sided joke and the Quigley/Dodson type rivalries are really local affairs that not many are interested in.