grabbing Thumb when Clinching

Hard to see that being done with gloves on and a moving opponent.

Its not meant to be done with gloves on. Its a modification for the street. it is no more difficult than the regular thai clinch. I just dont know if it works or not.

Ok. I tried this on the JKD forum but had no luck so here it goes.

I was told once that some JKD guys will grab their thumb when plumbing to increase the pressure on the carotid artery and choke out
their opponent.

Anyone ever heard this?

I've seen that, but I prefer to turn the palms towards each other and lock them, ala Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Its a much stronger grip.

Khun Kao

KK doesnt that push your elbows way out.

the JKD guys are trying to use it as a choke.

YOur right its not a very strong grip.

Nah, not at all, when you grasp that was, you torque both elbows to one side. For instance, if your right palm is facing up, you torque your elbows (not hands!) to your left. If forget what this is called in Jiu Jitsu, but its some sort of neck crank.

Khun Kao

Ah, I think I know what your talking about now.
I do this when my opponent has a very tight and close
grip. sometimes Ill reach across to his opposite
shoulder and "spin him out".