Gracie Barra Affiliates Hawaii??

Hello forum members. I was thinking about going out to Hawaii for a few months. I'm a Gracie Barra guy, so I would want to train with an affiliate of them (GB, Machados, etc). Any info appreciated!

I don't know of any Barra affiliates in Hawaii, but Relson Gracie would be the closest thing around.



ehh dont give in to politics and the bjj police. train where its convenient and close. There's GU,Nova U., Royler Gracie BB Jason Izzaguire, Rickson(romolo barros) relson and his 5 associations around town and also JJD who is a brown belt under Milton gracie one of the most feared men in the bjj.


HMC = Charuto

ack that last post confused me a bit

can anyone tell me anything about bjj in maui and list who and the contact info. thank's.