Gracie Barra Fullerton

I just moved here to Fullerton for work and I saw a Gracie Barra school while driving by downtown. Does anyone here train at that location? Would you recommend?

GB Fullerton seems to have a pretty good student base. A couple of their students used to drop by weekly at the GB school I trained at, and they were pretty good. You also have Erik Paulson's school up in Fullerton as well.

A little further north in La Habra, you've got Lucas Leite's school, and in Buena Park, you've got Momentum BJJ.

I'd check them out and see which one fits you better. Best of luck in your search and training.

I strongly recommend Lucas Leite's school, CheckMat La Habra.

Few people are world class competitors and few people are world class instructors-- even fewer are both.

You will rarely get the opportunity to train under a coach and competitor of that caliber. I know several people who drive over 1 hour to train under Lucas Leite. It is the chance of a lifetime.