Gracie Barra go 4-0 at KFC

Congrats to all my friends and teammates for taking Gracie Barra to a 4-0 record this weekend and an 8-0 overall at KFC. See all you guys in Knoxville this week. Cabelo Doido


The team is finger lickin good

They all won by submission via chicken wing (sorry, couldn't help it.)

The second bout was Andrei Kalinine vs. Dave Vogan. This fight was just too quick, after the fighters squared off it was only seconds before Dave Vogan landed a straight punch that buckled Andrei's legs (Dave Vogan By KO)

Best fight of the night! LOL.

It was a great show and the Gracie guys kicked some ass!

I was there and got a chance to meet em all, and they are a great bunch of guys. I covered the event and posted a ton of pics with a rather lengthy wrap up :)
I plan on getting back up there soon for another. Look for more pics

keep up the good work, david. GnP is really comming along. i've read some of your interviews through GlobalMMA... good stuff. keep it comming. :-)

Bucket of Love!

Next week Gracie Barra will go up against the workers at Taco Bell.

Thanks DOGGx0

I do my best :) the guys at are great. Curly has been a big help.
I just got off the phone with Shonie Carter and should have his interview up before lunch tomorow :)

Well Mcdonald('s) is doing good in K1 so I guess KFC is more into mma then.

I heard Colonel Sanders is a sucker for an omo plata.

Advanced BKJ also went 4-0

Congrats guys!

awesome pics GnP!

The drive thru guy I fought was pretty tough

Tim is going to have to change the name to something else.

I heard he beat Micky D, by DQ at the BK classic.

Congrats Casey. Brandon, thanks for the email results and congrats!

There are some tough teams in the shows for sure! congrats on the wins guys.. you all fought with heart!

can't wait to see your pics, Tim

ttt for!!...nice pics and write up!