Gracie Barra has turned into LA fitness. Have all BJJ schools jumped the shark?


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I understand what you’re saying, it’s just coming off weird. Not that it matters in any way. But yea, neck cranks aren’t allowed…in IBJJF competitions etc. You’re telling me this school was so far gone, even just attempting these techniques they’d be like ‘one more and you’re out’?

How do you feel about fish hooks? Small joint manipulation? This is meant for self defense.

I did a one off comp here. In gi. There was one rule. No heel hooks. I tried to can opener the dude.

If I’m paying what these schools are asking then you can bet I want the name on the school to be doing the teaching. If that name is Renzo, Danaher, Carlos Machado whomever…

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I trained at Renzo’s in the mid-90s (when it was him and Craig Kukuk, and they rented time on the mats from Peggy Chau) and took a couple decades off before getting back into training. When I returned, it was at a school in Tampa, and I had to “unlearn” the neck cranks and reaping, too. Ain’t no thang.

The old fight house days when kickboxing and jiu jitsu classes were separated by a shoji screen, lol.

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