Gracie Barra Honolulu

Head Instructor: Rexie Barnum

Class Schedule:

- 10am~Noon

(to begin 4/12/08) -

3pm~4:30pm (Kids 8~15 Years Old - Freestyle Wrestling & Submission Grappling)

4:30pm~6:30pm - Fitness/Self Defense Class

(to begin 4/13/08) -

10am~1pm (Open Roll-No Instruction) 1pm~2pm (Kids 5~7 Years Old)

2pm~4pm (Kids 8~15 Years Old - Jiu Jitsu w/Gi)

4pm~6pm Fitness/Self Defense Class

Oahu Tae Kwon Do Center, 94-547 Uke'e Street

Waipio Industrial Center near the Hawaii Okinawan Center

I thought Rexie trained under Relson Gracie? Where does the Gracie Barra come from?

oh man

i thought it was a relson affiliate also. rex is listed on the pan ams under gracie jiujitsu. good luck to him.


good luck to my fren Hexy!

my bad. rexie is listed under gracie barra for the pan ams.

oh me

ttt ! sounds like an interesting school :)
how much is the cost ?



......does this mean he isnt a 02 affiliate?

total bummer.

I talked to Rex and he felt that after many years with Relson he needed a fresh start. no hard feelings. he also feels sometimes change is good.

I wish him the best.

Rex is a great guy, good instructor. I wish him the best of luck.


i hope this is not true.

me too


^sucks if it is

was Rexie the last of Relson's old school browns to not have his own school or a lead instructor roll?