gracie barra in chicago

just noticed theres a gracie barra dojo in chicago and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this school. good/ bad? reputation?


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Eddie and his brothers / cousins are great. I trained there for a month in the fall. If I wasn't at Shidokan already or if I had more time /money I would be at GB Chicago full time also.

They are expanding their number of classes. Everyone rolls hard but not neanderthal and are very willing to help you out.

Where is the school located?


It's on Lincoln Avenue about two or three blocks North of Lawrence on the West side of the street.

If you are familiar with the area, it is North of Degerberg's.

Oh yeah, I remember walking by there about 2 years ago and I saw some place that had BJJ instruction. It was late at night and thus was closed. I didn't know it was a Gracie Barra affiliate.

Who are the instructors and what is the atmosphere like (class size, class times, any no-gi stuff, etc)?


I used to go there two years ago, but left just after they turned into a Gracie Barra affiliate, due to personal problems (not with the school or people there, however).

Everyone there was pretty cool, and like punchdrukenmaster said, you could roll hard if you wanted, but without the Neandrathal aspect. All of the more experienced people were really willing to help you out with anything.

There was a definate change in attitude when their affiliation changed from Caique to Gracie Barra, and it was for the better. The instruction and intensity picked up, and there was a lot more self-defense and sport jiu-jitsu.

I was thinking of going back there, but they may want to kill me. I may have accidently started a major league flame war that I think got them in hot water.


ttt for a schedule

ttt for more info!



Thanks for the info! Got a website?


Any no-gi classes?


I think someone was pulling my leg about you guys wanting to kill me. I guess someone got in an argument about Caique that started after I said I liked Marcio Feitosa's seminars better, and the argument was ugly.

I think the last time I was there was just before I went on vacation, and I fucked up my back there. Then a long laundry list of injuries happened. Some pretty funny and bad shit has happened since I was last there.

I should stop by since your schedule still is the best for me. Thanks for the info.