Gracie Barra in Columbia, SC?

Has anyone here been to the new Gracie Barra school in Columbia yet? I have been going by the place the last week or so but they always seem to be closed. Can anyone tell me when they are going to re-open, class schedule, prices, etc.? I have looked on-line but haven't been able to find anything. Thanks.

"new academy columbia sc. head instructor eder persiliano black belt from brazil registration dec 22 and open mat. 2738a decker blvd (fashion place shopping center info call jason larussa 706-373-7444"

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Thanks Clay, but I guess I should have been a little more specific. I was able to find some info online but not about when they were going to re-open, their class schedule, prices, stuff like that. I called the number on the front door but didn't get an answer or answering machine.

I'm headed to the gym ( Gracie Barra, Tampa) in a few minutes. I'll ask Eduardo.

I went by there on the 22nd, as I had read somewhere that they would be open all day for registrations.

Sat out front(they were closed) from about 10:00 till 1115, then went to Charleston.

The facility looks really nice (through the window), but I think I found another place in Columbia to train on Tues. and Thurs. nights

Barriga- I wonder what the hold-up is? There are mats on the floor and pictures on the walls so I know they are actually planning on opening. Where did you decide to train in Columbia on Tues. and Thurs. nights? I have been to several places in Lexington but they don't offer black belt level instruction like the Gracie Barra school on Decker Blvd. is going to.

I talked to Eduardo and he said he knew it was opening but didn't know an details. Sorry.


I think I sm going to start on Tues and Thurs nights with Jack Walker in Columbia.

Jack is a Brown Belt that has trained in Miami with Pedro and Guillermo Valente at Gracie Miami for 9 years.

Jack has a a small studio behind Wild Wing on Gadsden St.

Work commitments have been forcing me to travel over the last month between Aiken and Columbia, but I will continue to train on Weds and Fri with Gracie Barra CSRA. Joshua Miller is the instructor(under Eduardo DeLima) and he is a great instructor, and a really nice guy! When I return next week, I'll ask him about GB Columbia.

Clay- I appreciate the effort.

Barriga- Didn't know about Jack Walker. I thought the highest BJJ belt level we had here was the purple belt in Lexington. I'll have to go by and check Jack's place out.

i train at jack's place. when are you guys stopping by?

I'm thinking about stopping by this Tues. What time does the class start? When looking on-line one place said 6:30pm and another place said 7:30pm.

class starts at 6:30pm on tues and thurs (gi)

I actually stopped in and looked at a few minutes of Jack's class back in September. He was a really nice guy. I have been trying to get my act together to get back there to sign up.

As I am working in Columbia 2 days a week now, it's time to make it happen.

I'll stop by tommorrow night(8th) at 6:30 and get things underway. Maybe I'll see you there Flowbee!


Quick update- I stopped by the Gracie Barra school last Monday (7th). They were finally open and I did a class that evening. I stopped by Jack Walker's school the following evening and did a class there as well. I went back a few days later and joined Jack's school.

Just FYI, I will be conducting a class ay CMATC in Lexington, Mark Mills new gym on Sat Jan 19th from 12-3pm. Covered topics will be Sport GJJ and MMA. I am a 3rd deg Brown Belt under Relson and have been with him since 94, for anyone intrested.



By virtue of the fact that you enrolled in Jack Walkers class, I have to assume that you were more impressed with it than the GB school.

I too am looking to train in Columbia. Can you tell me what prompted your decision, based on the two school comparison?



i met the Gracie Barra BB instructor in Columbia SC, and i cant wait to pick his brain.

By virtue of the fact that you enrolled in Jack Walkers class, I have to assume that you were more impressed with it than the GB school.

I too am looking to train in Columbia. Can you tell me what prompted your decision, based on the two school comparison?




There were several factors that lead to my decision but basically it all boils down to what you want out of the school. It appeared to me that the GB school focuses more on sport JJ and competition whereas JW's school focuses more on the self-defense aspect of GJJ. Being an LEO JW's school appealed to me more since I felt I would learn and practice more real-world techniques as opposed to the latest omoplata variation. There were definitely a few other differences between the two schools that aided my decision such as price($105/mo. @ GB vs. $65/mo. @ JW), sign up fees and contract($100 total in sign-up fees w/ a one-year contract @ GB vs. $0 in sign-up fees and no contract @ JW), and level of training partners. To be fair to the GB school, I know they just opened up and it will take a little time to build up their clientele but for right now the guys at JW's school are more advanced than what I saw at GB. I wanted to go to a school where I was getting tapped out left and right not be the one doing most of the tapping. That being said, if sport JJ is your thing and learning from a BJJ black belt directly from Brazil is important to you (nothing wrong with either of them) then the GB school would be for you. JW's school is just a better fit for me.