Gracie Barra Orlando Moving!!!

We have moved our downtown location to

Fusion Fitness
2906 Corrine Drive
Orlando, Florida 32803

• More Matspace
• Strength/Cardiovascular Equipment
• Certified Personal trainers
• Kickboxing Classes with Bobby Robare
• Men's and Women's locker rooms
• And much more!

More info at


So how is it training there? I have been wondering about that place for a while.

Of course I'm a bit biased, but I love it there. Everyone helps each other. No egos, and talent wall to wall.

Marcio just promoted some of his first black belts last year. I could go on, but I'm at work right now!!!


I wonder if any of the bouncers from the club I work at (The Independent Bar) roll there.

I might just check it out. Thanks!


I think Brown Belt Mitch McElroy work at the independent and he trains with Marcio as well as Todd Braodway and Mikey Gomez all excellent grapplers

Holy Sh%t!

I didn't even know that Mitch trains! Sweet, I'll talk to him about it this weekend.

There was another guy that worked at the club and was roomies or something with Seth Petruzelli, but I forget his name. I thought he trained there also. Ah well, thanks guys.

good news for you guys congrats!!!


It was on Colonial for years; however, it was getting cramped with the growing number of students. The school moved about a mile away and now has more room and better facilities. The Sandlake Rd. academy is still open too.


Stinks that it moved cause it was closer to me, and I really need to start rolling!

It is just up the street from its original spot! It takes about 3 extra minutes of drive time.


"It takes about 3 extra minutes of drive time." Not if you're me.........LOL!!

Tried checking it out Thursday night, and after being stuck in traffic accident on Colonial (like right in front of old academy) and getting wicked lost on Corrine (REAL new to Orlando), I finally found it.

Any suggestions as to when's a good time to stop in and get some info/rates etc? Tried emailing the address on the website but didn't get any response.

the computer was moved and is a little funky :) I would stop by around noon or 7:30 pm during the week. Saturday is sandlake only at noon. The rates run $79 a month for unlimited training.

Thanks, Buzzbjj!