Gracie Barra Orlando

Did you guys move? Last I knew you had moved from Colonial to Corrine.

Now today, when I was doing my Sunday drive-by, I thought I saw a Jiu-Jitsu place on Mills just off Colonial. A co-worker had said she saw the other night a "grappling place" over there; she said she saw guys "with those gloves on" in a room with mats on the floor. (Okay, she's a female who needs MMA education; at least she knew it was "grappling.")

Is that you guys?

Yes, we moved there last week. Things weren't working out the way they were supposed to.

They new place is nice. More mat space. I think we are getting a boxing ring in the next couple weeks.


Saw it again tonight. Looked very busy. Congrats on the move!!!

So when are you going to stop by? LOL!

hope to see you there soon!


I'd love to stop by, but we talked about it awhile back in February.......

Congrats on the new place! The full-front windows and the location on Mills should increase "walk-in" inquiries by 100%! From a marketing standpoint, the move was a good idea!

Good luck!

hey Mike Bell teaches right off Mills and Colonial at Florida Fitness it close to that gym?


Pretty close.

Florida Fitness Concepts is at Mills and Virginia approximately, so, yes, it is close to Gracie Barra Orlando (Mills and Colonial)....less than a mile.

LMAO last night i drove with a friend to pick up his buddy from work, he works at the fuckin Hobby Lobby RIGHT NEXT to yalls new school! yall looked really buys, place looks good too!