Gracie Barra School in Miami?

Is there a Gracie Barra School in Miami?
I know there was one on NW 72 ave in Miami, but I went by it and it was no longer there.


Daniel "Montanha" De Lima is the intructor.

The school is down near "the falls" now by the way.

JGO, Thanks for the info.
There was a guy teaching in Miami named Paulo Castro who was affiliated with Gracie-Barra, but I don't know what happened to him. How do you like the school? Is it realy expensive?

I'm moving to that area within the next month.


Schools in Miami, Gracie Miami(North Miami), ATT (I think they still have a south miami location), FFA (South Miami), Gracie Barra(South Miami).

Also there is a really good JKD school by the name of One Dragon Martial Arts which also has a very good grappling program. They are in Pembroke Pines, which is slightly north of miami.

daniel will be doing a seminar next week at my grappling club, Knock out boxing club at our renzo gracie association grappling club. in "the hammocks" miami.

LARRY - Paulo wasn't to interested in teaching from what I understand, so Montanha was brought in to teach at the Gracie Barra school. It's a growing school with some good people. I don't train there, I train at Gracie Miami, but Daniel is a friend of mine and I've trained with him in the past. He is a good instructor, very technical and a really nice guy.