Gracie Breakdown: Cain vs JDS, Pallhares,Kangaroos

In this heavyweight episode of the Gracie Breakdown, Rener and gust instructor, Ronnie Hughes, analyze the mysterious choke that Junior Dos Santos secured on Velasquez moments prior to the TKO in the fifth round. Rener also shares his thoughts on the whole Roussimar Pallhares UFC-ban issue, and then they break down one of the most amazing street fights ever caught on tape in which a Kang-fu representative gets choked unconscious by a Roo-Jitsu black belt. Enjoy the show, and be sure to share it with your friends!

LOL! @Kang-fu VS Roo-jitsu

That was so funny the breakdown of the kangaroo fight.


I lost my shit when Ronnie Hughes was the chokee of the kangaroo breakdown and he made his hands into paws.  


Holy shit that was a funny one, and I watch most of these.


Lmfaooooooo Phone Post 3.0

lueng jon - LOL! @Kang-fu VS Roo-jitsu

Yah Phone Post

Also thought it was badass of JDS to have gone for the choke when he was so tired and beat up in the 5th but i question how tight it was as Rener puts it.