Gracie BTT attack??? wtf!?

Check out adcc news...someone from btt apparantley cold cocked someone from gracie team at breakfast in a hotel restaurant? wtf???

Ryan and Carlao Barreto

Ahhh, the sportmanship of MMA fighters.......... :(

what link?

A sad day for mma.

It's old(ish) news. Baretto accused Ryan of stealing (a few years ago mind) and Ryan punched him. It's no big deal, everything's already died down.

Ryan Gracie acts like a f'ing moron, I expect he had it coming.

Ryan vs. Wallid
Ryan vs. Shungo Oyama
Ryan vs. Margarida
Ryan vs. C.Barreto

"of stealing what?"

A clock, or a watch, or some time telling thing.

Took Ryan a while, but I'd say Baretto deserved a smack for accusing Ryan.