Gracie Combatives DVD review

Edited to say it's now done! Scroll down to read my review!

Alright guys, so I just did a big, long, detailed review, and the site must have timed out because when I clicked post it dissapeared but didn't post to the forum! Not impressed! :(Anyway, I don't have time right now, but I will redo it in a day or two, but thought before I do, does any one have any specific questions they want answered? I figure I will be doing it anyway, so may as well answer any questions at the same time to try and help out. I have benefitted from reviews on here before so I will try to help out in return.Let me know!

not impressed with the dvds ?

LOL! Not at all. Very impressed with the dvd's. Not impressed with this site timing out after I wrote a big long reveiw and it dissapeared! I think I will try to type a review in word and then cut and paste into a post. But in short, very impressed with these.

i always thought the materiel shown is good enough to earn a blue perfect for a person thats in bjj for a yr
or so.

if you go to the timed out screen, can't you just hit the back button on your browser and see all your text ?

There is no better (true self defense) Jiu Jitsu DVD instructional out.

Fingermoon, I tried that, but no good. Maybe my computer didn't like me either!

Alright here it is!!

First let me say I do not train at the gracie academy. Except for a 3 hour seminar with Ryron about 4 years ago, I have never met or trained with anyone there.

These dvd’s cover street self defence for bjj. I’m not talking about some of the older self defence techniques that a lot of people don’t like, but applicable things like defending punches from the mount and the guard, or defending against strikes to get the clinch and get a takedown. Stuff every bjj’er should know.

These dvd’s are taught by Ryron and Rener Gracie. There teaching is among the best in the world in my opinion. Really breaking the technique down while keeping an incredible amount of detail. Don’t take my word for it though, there are free clips on There is also a technique list there as well. That being said they only sell the downloadable version there. The actual discs are available at The whole package with all 13 discs was $120. Very cheap for what you get. There is an offer for one disc on the home page (, but if you sign up it takes you to a different page where you have the option to buy the whole set at once.

That said, these dvd’s are very good. Not only the material, but the all around quality. It contains 13 dvd’s, a mini reference book, and a fold out poster size technique flow chart. It also has this in a smaller version in the book if the poster isn’t your thing.

The production quality is excellent. All of the video and audio are a very high standard. There are no clashing colours between the teachers or the background. Very easy to see and hear what is going on. The menus are very easy to navigate, making it simple to find exactly what you are looking for.

Now for what is covered. Let me clear up a big misconception that I had, and am sure others have as well. There is NOT 36 techniques on this set. There are 36 LESSONS. I found out this is a big difference. For example, defending punches from the guard is one lesson, but actually has 4 different techniques covering different options depending on your opponents attack and reactions to your defence. This goes for every other lesson. They all have multiple parts to each lesson, covering different reactions and options.

There are also reflex development drills, and fight simulation drills. The reflex development drill is exactly what it sounds like. Different drills to help you develop you reflexes, timing and technique. The fight simulation drill has a multistage drill where you flow from one position to another, covering only previously learned techniques into a ‘fight sequence’. This is to help you develop the correct reactions to varying situations. Every lesson has a reflex development drill, and all but the first two lessons have fight simulation drills.

Now when you look at the lesson for defending punches from the guard, you have the four different techniques as stated above, plus the reflex development drill, plus the fight simulation drill. Quite a bit of material for one lesson. Now you only have two lessons left on that disc, and another 12 discs to go!

All in all, I think this is a bit of a must to be honest. One of the very few dvd sets to cover self defence, great production, an awesome price, especially considering the price of most sets these days. And to top it all of, really great teaching. But like I said, go and check out the free clips and judge for yourself.

good,the boys will like to hear that.if your ever going to stop by the academy,let me or tesh know so you can get some free passes.

I could not possibly recommend anything that doesn't include defenses against the bearhug attack.

JiujitsuForeva, go to There is an offer for one disc at a time, but ignore that. Fill in your info like you are going to buy it and it will take you to another page where you have the option to buy the whole set at once.


Gotta agree with the review. The triangle choke lesson for example has 3 fully different finishes (variations of the triangle).

Like Ryron and Rener say..

"What more could you ask for?...... nothing :-)"

I am a proud owner of the set (online) and don't regret my purchase one bit!


I shall be purchasing them as well.

I am going to purchase them as well.


 thanks for the review

Do they have samples of any of the lessons online?

Yes. If you sign up at you'll get 3 lesson samples.

I only saw the intro for the combatives stuff.

There's the technical slice on the Kimura, and the Armbar reflex drill, one other thing too.