Gracie FC - NO NICK DIAZ?????

I bought this Gracie Fighting Championship tonight only because Nick Diaz was marketed to do the commentary. Nick Diaz is not doing the commentary, instead it's Eric Apple. Apple's a cool guy and all, but I'm pissed, I was looking forward to Diaz's off the wall comments.

Because I wanted to hear him talk about market mode and fight mode while Thomas Denny was fighting.

I was looking forward to hearing Diaz & Cesar ham it up...Damn!...:(

At least buffet's in strip clubs don't tease you and make you think you have a shot with it.

"do you go to a strip club for the buffet?"  Only if it is the pink taco buffet

LOL...that card is a PPV?

^^^lol, yeah, what a ripoff!!!

Like I said, I was buying the PPV for Diaz's commentary

didn't the origanal card have Nick Diaz, Miguel Torres, etc...

what strip club has a buffet? - i am in

ever been to Vegas?

What do u want me to say? Ill try and fit it in. Haha

What do u want me to say? Ill try and fit it in. Haha. And its Erik.

Give a UG shoutout.

At the very least tap someone on the forehead.

Spend at least 30 seconds just talking about how cool I am Erik...Should make up for Monson & Diaz not being there.

Oh...And do me a favor, tell Wildman NEVER to wear a pink g-string to weigh-ins again.

I had nitemares and everything damn it!

Ok. Ill try and fit it in. Ha


Apple, like a said you seem super cool and are a great commentator, however I was looking forward to Diaz the guys is fucking hysterical!

Dana sent in Rogan to mess up the GFC card. Look here's proof!.