GFC will be in Miami at the American Airlines Arena, Saturday nite, January 20th 2006. Wes Simms, Jacare, Frank Trigg, Nick Diaz, Thomas Denny, Jake Shields, Charuto, Rhalan Gracie, and Miguel Torres are some of the fighters on the card. Check out the website GFCFIGHTER.COM Tickets avail thru ticketmaster, and the event will be live on PPV. If you are in the state of Florida, dont miss the chance to see this event live in person. Ring announcer is none other than veteran actor Keith David, from such movies as Platoon, Article 99, and the Chronicles of Riddick.


I'd love to get to this show!

You are in Tampa, right? Man thats not far, go.


ttt Can't wait!

I'll go with you Benny

Lets all go together! We can take a bus from Tampa lol

A bus wouldn't be a bad idea!  LOL!

I'm looking at my schedule, it's a possibility for sure.


I am in for sure let me know, a charter bus and a couple of hotel rooms.

Sorry, but think Im' gonna just watch the webcast

How much is the webcast and what is the site?

Raspado this may help out