Gracie Girls

We all obviously know Kyra Gracie, who the UG seems to be infatuated with (which is well understandable).

On another thread a bunch of other Gracie girls popped up that I was completely unaware of. And most of them were pretty smoking.

Do these other Gracie chicks train or compete at all like Kyra?

Also, feel free to post a culmination of pictures which I am sure people will be upset with that I have not....

The Bidness



ttt for pics


Thats basically what I'm looking for. But I do want to know if any of them practice jiu jitsu

I know I know, I deserve to be shot.

I want to see more pictures as well, and that is basically why I made this thread

fishyfish, thanks for the support.

I'm just trying to look out for the cause!!



The point of this thread was to find out if they do train, while in actuality I was really hoping for an influx of pictures.


Yes pics. I read that Kyra was the only female Gracie training. Still... pics.

ptm2020, what is the significance of interreting that pic? i remember a while back it meant somehting if you saw an old vs. young womans face...

Go to Myspace. Type in any Gracie (for example, Rickson Gracie) into the search engine. The Gracie Myspaces have links to their brothers and sisters.

If you look at it long enough her clothes come off.

Thanks Ryan G

Barbie, (Roger's sister) is a Blue Belt under Mauricio Motta Gomes (and Roger).

I refuse to comment on attractiveness or otherwise, firstly cos she's a friend and secondly because responses at either end of the scale could prove dangerous!

I will say this though, she is worthy of her blue belt.

Pics already.