Gracie Hype

Nothing like it in any other sport. By simply having the name "Gracie", these fighters are bestowed an "aura" of legitimacy, if not greatness, that is belied by their actual accomplishments fighting (not grappling).

Royce Gracie is a great fighter. Renzo is very good. The rest of the "family", including Rickson, are second rate by any objective standard.

Dude, where is Royler?

Just because he lost doesn´t mean he is dead. Is there any current top mma fighter with a clean victory record? The guy is a 3 time world grappling champion for christs sake. As for Rickson, I wont even argue, this topic is over.

Royler is great grappler. But I don't see where he has accomplished much in mma.

If his name was Royler Smith, would anyone really care if he lost this weekend?



Good post kungfucrew!