Gracie in Wisconsin for Charity

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is with my honor and pleasure to add Gregor Gracie to my instructor list. This event is going to end up having 5-6 instructors now.
Wade Rome and Hermes Franca have other committments making them not able to attend with the AFC show, training for Yves Edwards(Franca), and coaching his wrestling team(Rome). Both guys feel really bad that this happens, but it happened this way. I give them my full support, and will have them in the future Seminar of Champions.

I am dealing with replacement instructors from ATT. I am trying my best to get Marcus Aurelio if at all possible, and one other ATT black belt. Also have contacts with other fighters interested as well like Dean Lister.

I just wanted to make this announcement that Igor Gracie will be in Kaukauna,Wisconsin Saturday February 12, 2005 for Seminar of Champions to benefit the St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. for more details.

Brennan, Curran, and Bloom are still confirmed!