gracie/laimon match? outcome?

what happend

Laimon won on points

LAME-ON was stalling and everytime the fight went on the ground he would try to stand up, and get a couple points for a takedown and thats how he won. He almost got caught in a heel hook, but rolled out. Very boring match..hense the Lame-on name.

which gracie did he fight?

This is going to be an interesting thread.

LAME-ON....LOL. I see what you did, you changed his name from Laimon to sound like he is Lame. That is great, totally great. I wish I was funny too.

a bjj black belt should not have to rely on strategy instead of skill. especially one that represents the great and powerful nova uniao. that is why i like saulo, pe de pano, margarita, roger, marcello,and jacare. they are always looking for the submission.

The final score was 7-2 and conducted under IGJJF rules.

Laimon Got 1 point for an armdrag-to-double leg takedown and 3
points each for two seperate guard passes. Gracie got 1 point each for
two seperate three minute guard reversals. Essentially, if you are in
your opponents guard, and are unable to pass after 3 minutes, both
fighters are stood up, the poisition is reversed, and your opponent is
awarded 1 point.

While I don't argue that Laimon was not trying to finish the fight per se,
the rules are so fucking retarded that you can't really blame him.

Also, Laimon is no longer associated with Nova Uniao. He hasn't been
for quite some time.


if the great fighter doesn't sit on his butt in the middle of the mat instead of getting up and taking it Laimon..

(imho both were retards.. )


the rules were really, really stupid. But I laugh when people say that the fight was "boring." That place was pumping with energy. There wasn't a single person in the bathroom, buying drinks, etc. Everyone was watching and everyone was excited.

i think the most popular UG grappler won, but if that situation would have been reversed many people would have been flaming the gracie family. laimon took a lay and pray strategey and everyone pats him on the back. when randleman does it he is boring. go figure UG.

people say laimon did nothing all fight, but he still got the takedown...and passed the guard on two seperate occasions, Gracie never did anythign the entire fight to earn any points (except lnot have his guard passed which under these rules gave him points) he coudln't even hold Laimon down when got to start on top

Laimon did not pass the guard on 2 separate occaions. He took Ryron down and landed in sidebody automatically giving him 4 points (1 for the takedown, and 3 for the sidebody). He later passed Ryron's guard but was put back in Ryron's guard after 3 seconds on the clockcounter. So basically he took him down to sidebody (and was caught in a guiltine that Ryron decided to let go in order to recompose guard) and later he passed guard for 3 seconds. Those are the facts.

I hate when fighters/grapplers get criticized when they're in someone elses guard and don't get beat. It's the lazy grapplers that lay their and wait for a mistake rather then going for a submission, and those are the ones who lose matches(grappling) or get their faces pounded in (MMA). Mintoauro, Mir, and several other fighters are great because they actively go for the submission from the bottom. If your takedowns suck and you want to compete at a high level you have to be aggressive from the bottom.