Gracie Open

Hey guys, just checking in. We will be having another Gracie Open this year on the 24th of June and I'd like to invite you to come out and compete. The team is training hard for their fights and I'll answer any questions you guys might have. Cesar

Northern CA is far for us Southern CA peeps...But a road trip would be cool.

how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

nevermind, this is a serious thread.


The IMP`s come out at night.


LOL, I am not an imp. Napalm (Franco) what's up bro I talked to Dave yesterday and he's feeling confident for his fight. We both know what he can do. As far as superfights I was thinking Nick Diaz, Jake Shields, Vini Magalhaes, etc.. We'll have to see what opponents we get them. If you're thinking of some other reps from our team let me know.

cesar,Yeah he is feeling really good and i have no doubt the outcome of this fight..superfights bout Shields vs Diego Sanchez re gotta get Nasty Nate in there for sure..he is always fun to bout Melendez vs Jeff glover or bill cooper?Diaz vs a big name black belt(saulo)?

Always a good tournament.

Cesar-Is there any chance I can get an autogrpahed photo of you.I will pay for it.I have 19 Gracies right now with Charles and Kyra pictures on the way.

Napalm- Nasty Nate is a great idea. His match with Marvin Eastman was a good one. Think of someone to pair Nate up with. Melendez recently beat Cooper so I was thinking of putting him against a bjj blakbelt. Diaz vs. Mayhem Miller would be entertaining.

Joey- You could talk with me about moving out.

ricksongjj- I wouldn't charge you for an autographed photo. The problem is I don't have photos of me.

Cesar's tournament last year was VERY good.

I cannot tell you how GREAT the match card system works. Knowing when you will fight and on what mat really helped. I also liked the belt title superfights at the end. Just speed up the process a little bit and it would be perfect. We had to bail out last year to catch a plane.

Cesar,diaz vs mayhem would be classic..i would pay to see Nasty vs Monson again..they whent at it in grapplers quest a couple years ago and Monson got the 2-0..Gilbert vs a BB is a great idea but who?What bout shields?

Cesar,how bout getting some match ups against the 10th planet guys..Checkyouroil is a purple belt and could match up with someone plus they have some good guys and it would be a good friendly rivalry

Are you going to have a kids class?

can anyone come and watch this tourney?

The Gracie Open is the best tournie I have ever been to. Can't wait for this year's. Cesar your team is great and thanks for what you've done for the sport.

ok first things first..i just got off the pkone with Cesar and this really is him..I do believe he deserves his green name now..Nasty Nate will be in a superfight for sure we are just looking for the right opponet..

Yes anyone can come and watch(CUO this means you)

the superfight line up will be worth the admission price great division match ups

be sure to post some details I may be down to check this out