Gracie Seminar El Paso, Tx

Relson Gracie will be having a one day seminar in El Paso, TX on the Dec. 12 from 1-4 pm. It will be held at Kung Fu San Soo located on the corner of Yarbrough and Pebble Hills. The address is 3105 N Yarbrough. This one will be open for anyone to attend. The cost is $25 per hour $75 for all three. This is the first time I am bringing one of the Gracies to El Paso so I expect a big turn out. Hope to see you there.

TTT good luck with your seminar.


damn Jerome, bad new man! Im working 7am to 7pm that weekend.

Tell them if they dont cover for you, Relson will choke them out!!! At least they will already be in the hospital right.


I told you bro. You just have to rule that O.R. with a iorn fist. Theach those pesky nurses the "great equalizer" jiu jitsu.

I posted a flyer at the brake room where we do the morning reports and someone asked me, "ain't you working on that day" and I said, "yeap", with a very sad look on my face. then he told me not to worry and that he'll cover for me.


Only 2 days left!

20 hours left!!