Gracie Tampa results at Planet sub

I cant tell you how proud i was of my guys today!!!
Dereck - 1st place imtermediate

Jordan - first place beginner

Jay Beharry - first place ( submitted all 3 opponents in under 90 seconds COMBINED in his first tourny!!

"origional mike" - third place in blue belt adult, he is 48 yrs old in his first tourny

Angel- second place blue belt division

joel jones- third place, subbed two guys on the way

eric knowles - 1st place kids gi 3rd place kids no gi

damian pupolo - third place blue belt. was given his blue belt one week ago

Matt"No Regard" Arroyo - what can i say about his performance today. SUBMITTED ATT blackbelt Edson Dinitz and de la riva Black Belt thiago battata along with one other in a combined time of about 5 minutes!!! he won the $1000 dollar absolute! this kid has 3 years of training under his belt!!!

the best is yet to come at gracie tampa!


Your crew did great.

Matt is a phenom, people need to watch this kid, he will make some waves wherever he competes.

From High Performance my hat goes off to you guys.

I couldn't ask for a better team to be friends with all the guys from Rob's are first class.

Ross Kellin

likewise Ross. you guys are great people at High performance!


TTT....great showing!!!

rosssssss, call me brother.

rosssssss, call me brother.

Imagine how good those Tampa losers would do if they had a Godzilla seminar?!

Congrats to the guys! Special congrats to Matt. The kid has got legit skillz

Gamebread, I'm going to Battle of the Bay in Sept. Are any of your guys fighting there?

I agree with everything Ross said.  It was great getting to spend a little time with you at the tourney Rob and your guys are sick. 

Great showing and congrats to you and your team.

Matt Aroyo Gracie Tampa, FL vs. Adam Bragdon Crystal River, FL 173lbs

Allen Berube Gracie Tampa, FL vs. Kevin Countos Findley, OH 155lbs

Andrew Parker Gracie Tampa, FL vs. Darrell Kennington Raiford, FL 205lbs

When are you back in Florida, Gabe?

Edson is an incredible grappler. It was just Matt's day. Matt will win adcc before he is done, mark my words.

Ben, great seeing you too, bro.

although Godzilla is a douche bag, he will be here in the late fall for sure for several days of training, partying and a seminar on how he submitted Melvin Guillard so easy(forshadowing)

I guess things down there must be going well.

Apparently, their fearless leader has been too busy to return phone calls to his old training partners in NY :)

i gotcha!!
Burke is an another level for sure. His skill sooo underrated

Don't feel bad. He doesn't answer our calls either down here.

Thanks GMH and Gamebred, my group will be cheering your guys.

Congrats Rob, it is really great to see how well your team has done...

just don't get a big head

too late ahahahahahaha


the edson match

Thanks for the video.....Matt looked great out there!