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Gracie Tampa is an incredible school - its amazing the success they've enjoyed in such a short time, but I'm bitter that Rob left New York and won't return my phone calls about setting up seminars so I hope their school gets buried by a fierce hurricane.

"Not taking away from Matts win at all..just showing how it supports my perception of Batata"

This makes no sense whatsoever, Matt has demonstrated the ability to dominate world class black belts. Therefore, Batata going down to Matt should do nothing to prove your point. To say other wise would imply that losing to Matt somehow proves one is not a legit black belt, which is clearly not the case.

Brian.... myself as well as Rumblefish would not question or degrade Matt's win. The comment was made due to both of us being past students of De La Riva and seeing belt promotions being given to keep the school alive. Rob can explain the situation better to you if needed. It is also why we are now affiliated with your school, myself at Gracie Tampa and Rumblefish at Gracie Orlando.

The first thing I did when I saw Matt in the academy Tuesday night at class was give him a big handshake and congratulate him. Seeing the video of all three matches, thanks to Gamebred, would make anyone realize Matt is a legit badass. Hearing about him tapping Edson not once but twice in the match is the highlight of the tournament in my opinion. I feel sorry for Matt's opponent Sept 15 RFC.

Keep dominating opponents up north!!!

Gracie Tampa

Anyone have complete results from the event?

Wow, very impressive. Besides a match with Marcello Garcia, I don't remember someone doing that well with Edson. Matt is definitely one to watch for. Congrats to your team, Rob, looks like you are doing a great job.

After watching the 3 matches I saw a guy Matt use basic moves at the right time and technique that tapped even someone of Edson's skill. I have seen Edson many times more and think he is one of the slickest out there and didn't see that in this match, so I am not on Matt's bandwagon yet, but admit he tapped Edson once, not twice. I will keep my eye out for Matt, keep his matches on board here. Good Luck Bro.

"but admit he tapped Edson once, not twice."

That comes from people standing matside, I can't see it in the video...

Were you expecting a flying armbar? =)

I have seen some of Edson's other matches. No doubt he is a seasoned black belt. Even if Matt were not on my team I would say that Matt won because he was the better grappler that day.

As for the two taps, I can see it both ways. It looked like he was going to tap but stopped himself after one tap. Matt let go, but came back to guard because he was even unsure. I guess it all depends on how you see it on the tape. It could go either way.

it sounds like some don't like Thiago Batata, but the fact is he was awarded his black belt by Ricardo DeLaRiva himself, nobody should question that.

Marcello Menezes
Head Instructor
Elite/DeLaRiva Central Florida

By the way, I watched Matt's matches and have to say he is definately Abu Dabhi material.

Marcello Menezes
Head Instructor Elite/DeLaRiva Central Florida

"it sounds like some don't like Thiago Batata"

Do not take my comments the wrong way of not liking Batata. I had trained with him for more than two years. My comments were not made at him but the system.

GMH210, I was not refering to your comments but I did not want to be specific, it looks like some used this thread to attack Batata and attacked the DeLaRiva's name during that process.


That's you might have already felt since moving to Orlando, there is some bad blood in the BJJ community. Glad to hear your school is growing. See you at the next CFC.


Gracie Tampa

see you there, maybe I will see you at the one in Tampa.
I wish we could save the bad blood for the tournaments. Just imagine how good the tournaments would be, how competetive.
We are all BJJ guys, we should at least respect each other, anyway you look at it, or wherever you train we are all under the same tree, Jiu-Jitsu, the "Gentle Art", all under the great Master Carlos Gracie Senior.


Master Robson Moura Seminar

Wed Sept 6th at 7pm

Elite DeLaRiva Central Florida

12701 S. John Young Pkwy. #202
Orlando FL 32837

if you don't mind passing the word out, I have not met Rob but if you could let him know it would be a pleasure to have you guys come and whenever you have seminars I will support it too and send my guys to your place. We all grow, the sport grows. If anything email me


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Greg and Adonis
put away the Tostitos and the doritos bc I am not the guy to engage in a fight over the net.

I understand you have your opinion about Batata but I felt that you threw DeLaRiva's name out there kind of in a bad way, maybe I was wrong.

Three days ago I was entertaining the notion of letting my 8 year old son compete in this event in the future, not anymore..