Gracie Worlds Pro Tourney 4 $$$

The Gracie Worlds will be March 3-4, and the Pro No Gi will have $2000 for 1st place in each div and $1000 for 2nd place in each Div. Some Big names such as Daniel and Diego Moraes, Nissen Osterneck, Kizma Button, and others have already registered. See the advertisement on the MMA.TV home page for Details.





relson brown belt what is your email address?

Going head to head with NAGA at the Arnold classic dosen't seem like a great idea. What's the deal with that?

why such a great show put together after being fired from the arnolds?


this is bullshit and unfair to the fighters...


I was just told Jack McVicker is in the pro now also.

Why are guys holding a BBJ tourney the same weeked as the Arnold's?

I know Relson used to "run" the BJJ tourney at the Arnold's up until this year which has been replaced by Naga's organization.

Don't you think it may have been more logical to hold the tournement another weekend from both a financial perspective and less confusing for competitors?

Jay has been asked that question on three threads now and he won't answer.

Has he answered the question on any of the other threads?

Could you confirm my name?

"Has he answered the question on any of the other threads?"

No. All he has said is that the Gracie Worlds has traditionally been held this weekend, and why should they move it?

Well, they should move it because Relson no longer has ties to the Arnold Fitness weekend, so there is no reason for them to be locked into that same weekend (other than pride, stubbornness, or denial???). Competitors WANT to be able to support both events.... but Jay, Relson, or whomever else is behind the scenes doesn't seem to recognize that.

vinni what weight are you doing in the pro no gi?

SleestakSoup, thank you for the info.  I was puzzled as to why both events were taking place the same weekend.

We had something like that take place in Chicago last year, but one of he promoters canceled a week out and resceduled.

With BJJ tourneys really at thier infancy here in the States I believe it to be counterproductive for the sport for things like this to occur.

Seems like there's some sour grapes and Relson is trying to sabotage the Arnolds by pulling all of his own guys over to his own tourney.