Who has this one? I think Roger by points. I would love to see him submit Ricky, but i dont think it will happen. Ricky might just get the takedown and hold him for the duration.

if you have never seen arona on the mat...plz do not comment...if you have seen arona on the mat...ud probably pick him! the arona on the mat is not the arona you see in pride. his no gi grappling is off the hook! roger is great and all...but we will see what happens.

in my opinion...with gi...roger...without gi...arona

Too bad Arona can't use those amazing grappling skills to tap out anyone in mma (only 2 submission wins out of 18 fights.)

Arona is not a submission machine not even in ADCC...

I must admit, i have never seen Arona on the mat, and i was going by his MMA style. Then it should be a good fight, im stoked.

go to adcc website and look at aronas wins in adcc...he is the btt and att logo! (the dude all shadowed out with his hands raised) you dont get that kind of gig for being a sloutch on the mat. he is an adcc superfight and adcc absolute champion

mma and sub grappling are a different animal. if you go by his pride record to judge his no gi or gi grappling your a fool!

arona probably wins by a takedown point