Gracies are dead...

... and so are Igor Vohachin, Coleman, Couture, Randelman, Minotauro, Cro Cop, Yoshida, Tito Ortiz, Bustamante, Sapp, Sakuraba, Belfort, Heath Herring, Shamrock, Fujita and the list goes forever.

Who hasn´t lost yet? Who hasn´t been Knocked Out? So is everybody dead??? Times have changed and competition is tougher than ever. Many of the fighters we believed were unbeatable have all lost. It is no different with the gracies...many have come back and start winning again (ex. Randelman, Belfort, and even Royce).

The gracies will only be dead if they stop fighting and I am sure they will not.

Very true. Well said.

I don´t know what all this bragging is about? If the gracies were trying to keep an undefeated image of themselves they wouldn´t be fighting in another country with top quality opponents.

I consider them NHB elite and that means you can win and lose, which is in fact what is happening to all fighters as anyone can see above.

They aren't dead. Seriously, I just saw one of them today.. I swear.

I can't think of a single fighter who won't lose 1 out of 4 fights against the top eschelon of fighters.

The haters on here are pathetic.

Everyone with half a brain knows that the Gracies are undefeated in true NHB combat. A Gracie has never lost a true NHB match. Period. That is a scientific fact.

Poor trolling attempt RGoodfellow.

Well, what we have learned is that a NHB fighter has to be very well-rounded to be successful in the sport today. It is not enough to just study BJJ, although that provides an excellent base. The sport is evolving quickly. But that is hardly news... In addition, there is nothing magical about the Gracies as fighters... Watch the clip of Rickson's fight on the beach against Hugo Duarte in "Gracie in Action I" and tell me what you think of his stand-up. We owe the Gracies a lot because in effect, they brought MMA to America but that doesn't mean that we have to worship them and accept everything that they say as truth. We ought to, however, give credit where credit is due.

Dude, you scared me. I thought someone bombed a surf shop or something.

I'll troll a little and say that perhaps the Gracies would be doing a bit better if there were no gloves (so guys couldn't just punch forever) and no time limits and no standing up fighters due to "inactivity" and pretty much no rules.