Gracies are Legends

What do you think history will say about the Gracies?

I think the family will be (and is now) just as legendary as martial artists like Kano, Ueshiba, Bruce Lee etc..

I agree.


of course. W/o their inovativeness(don't know if thats a word, but ya know what I mean) there would be no bjj and I wouldn't have found my life's sport.

It's already documented...there's just no summary yet b/c now it's becoming trendy and the history is just now being made for our generation. I'll let you know after my book is done.



Gracies are great but they, along with Kano, Ueshiba, Bruce Lee are still human just like all of us...

The existence of the Gracie family of Brasil is proof to me that God exists.

Some of them are legends; some live off the legendary status of others.

Helio is a legend for what he did in the old days.

Next is Royce for what he did in the early UFC.

Rickson is a legend, mostly be reputation and somewhat for what he did in Japan. Who elese is a legend on that level?

Renzo, Ralph, Ryan? I guess I have to add Renzo for his indominable fighting spirit and for winning the so called triple crown in fighting Submission grappling, mma, and bjj.

Like them or hate them, you have to give some of them legendary status!!!

TTT for Helio, Carlson, Rorion (for marketing purposes and helping create the UFC), Rolls, Rickson, Royler, Royce & Renzo!!!

"The existence of the Gracie family of Brasil is proof to me that God exists." SO TRUE!!

with out them most of use would be kicking the air at imaginary targets...

TTT for Relson Gracie!

I think history will remember Royce the most fondly.


Royce is reconized mostly because he fought in the USA, therefor it would make him most famous. But there has been other Gracie like Carlson and Rolls who has acomplished equally maybe even more than we know about. The point is that the Gracie family did indeed create this beautiful sport, and I give them thanks for introducing this sport to the world.