Gracies Loss Well Deserved

First off, I'm not a anti-Gracie troll by any means. But the losses taken by Gracies who rarely fight are well-deserved. Obviously, these guys are not training the full MMA game like other "real fighters" are. We all know this, but that's beside the point.

Instead of living off past glory, reputations, and sport bjj competitions, if your a fighter you should fight regularly. It's unfortunate that most Gracies (who arguably have the largest fanbase of any fighters in the world) do not fight on a regular basis, but only when lured with Pride or K1 money. Do the fans mean anything to them at all? When they lose they deserve no sympathy or remorse.

For now I'll stick with real fighters who fight because it's their passion and aren't afraid of laying it all down on a regular basis.

"First off, I'm not a anti-Gracie troll by any means"

bad way to start a trolling thread

the gracies have been instrumental in this sport, their ground game is legend, i think they need to train outside the box on their standup.......and boxing, muay thai, etc would be a welcome and much needed plus to their success

set up the takedown the ole just run in get u KTFO

You obviously don't know what the fuck you are talking about.

"We all know this, but that's beside the point."

I guess you are the personal coach for all Royler and Ralph.

There are some gracies that are still world class, Rodrigo has been tearing it up, but for the most part training BJJ alone at the top levels of the sport nowadays just CANT compete with a well rounded fighter with good escapes, takedown defense, and striking.

""watch you mouth call me lame!!"
Please tell me where that comes from."
and you here I thought you were a Royce fan, shame on you...

I don't really think Ralph's loss is a good loss to use as an example here. He got caught with a knee while shooting, and that's it. He seemed to do fairly well in his last fight. Most fighters out there, whether there last name is Gracie or not, have areas where they're stronger. Regardless of the disclaimer in the first post, this just seems like another anti-Gracie thread that comes after a Gracie takes a loss. Next fight, when a Gracie wins, the fans will have posts about how these threads are ridiculous. That's the cycle. Glad to be a part of it.

Will they ever include serious weightlifing into their training?

The point I was trying to make is that they would obviously train outside their regimen of bjj, if they decided to become real fighters and fight on a regular basis.

Instead they come out of the woods when Pride or K1 offers them incredible large sums of money. The real loss are the fans who want to see them fight, but cannot. Gracies loss well deserved.

Twizzle, that line comes from Royce responding to someone on the UG calling him or one of his fights lame.

Jacket is correct.

original thread is correct

"do not fight on a regular basis, but only when lured with Pride or K1 money. Do the fans mean anything to them at all?"

Probably because they're busy teaching and running their academies.

I think most people forget that the Gracies have never been full time fighters in the way that, for example, Wanderlei Silva is. They've always used fighting as a way to sell jiu-jitsu. They're teachers first, fighters second.

I understand the point of this thread, but I think it's lame b/c the Gracie's are primarily instructors first who concentrate on their academy and association students b/c that is their main source of making a living. Other fighters may not be as talented in instructing others so they have to fight to make enough money so that it's worth their time. On almost any fight card you will ever see there will be a Gracie disiple fighting or representing and thier students support the events and sport mma in general. The Gracies may not be top 10 fighters but they are top instructors and even after long layoffs they can come in and fight with studs like in the case of Ralph/Mishima.

Royler has never been the best mma fighter but he is dangerous and very game to fight anybody, he just met the better man in sudo and was disposed of like Sudo would do to most very good fighters. Ralph on the other hand could really shake things up if he fought consistantly, he just caught the head of the hammer in his last outing, it happens to everyone.

jacketwrestler- The Gracie's do crosstrain. You can see the hand skills that Ricardo, Rodrigo and Ryan have. Ralph totally out struck Mishima in their fight. Maybe you can ask Mishima if he thinks Ralph crosstrains.

Ralph was caught by a knee while shooting. What does this have to do with his hands? Carlos Newton was KO'ed by A. Silva the same way. Maybe if he would crosstrain that wouldn't have happened. (lol)

I'm pissed off because everyone is stealing my greatly superbly brilliant argument about them being instructors first, fighters second. Is it possible to trademark/copyright a statement that you right on the internet? No? Darn.

Dam yous! Damn yous all to hell!

Who in their right mind expected Ralph or Royler to win those fights. Ralphs was a fluke but I would still pick Gomi 9 times out of 10.
Props to Royler and to Ralph for fighting MMA's elite when they clearly do not train fulltime for MMA.
LOL at all the "experts".
The gracies are not an individual.
They are still the most dominant single family in the Martial arts world. Who gives a shit if they are number one.
A Gracie hasn't been number one since UFC 4.
Yet the dialog on this forum hasn't changed.

to the bottom!

"This family should've went into politics...."

Actually before they Carlos & Helio etc...

Nah, nevermind.