Gracies Never Wear Blue Gi - True?

I can't recall ever seeing a Gracie wearing a blue gi. Can you? Think of it -- Helio, Rickson, Royce, Rorion, Renzo, Ryan, Roger, etc., etc. Never seem to wear a blue gi.

In fact Rickson doesn't allow blue gis at his school in West Los Angeles.

I saw Carlson Sr in one once.

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I saw Carlson in a blue Atama at a seminar once.

And unless my memory is fucked up Rodrigo is wearing one in his Grappling Magazine interview a few months back. I'll have to check on that one though.

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Ryan had a blue gi in a picture awhile back.

Rodrigo I think it was, was wearing a red one in a picture a while ago. Either Carlos Gracie JR or Feitosa was wearing a white top/blue pant combo. And Carlson senior was also wearing one in several pictures. How did blue gis get started?

If you play the Pride PS2 game, Royce sometimes wears a blue gi.

oh well i guess this thread can be remove since its pointless now.

Here is a pic of Royce in white top and blue pants:

Here is a pic of Royce in blue top and white pants:

Ryan wore blue tape in his match with Sakuraba.

I've also seen Royce in a black Atama gi..


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One time when Royce was beating me up in a seminar he had a blue gi on...

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Seems I remember seeing soem pics from the 80's in a magazine with Rickson wearing a black gi...could be my memory failing tho.

Rickson most of worn either a blue or red kurtka(sambo gi) at one time.

How did blue gis get started?judo.or are you going to take credit for this too? ;-)

Useless thread???? This baby is going to hit 100 posts easy! ;^)

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