grad school help (general)

im thinking that by this time next year my applications will already be sent off to my selected grad school. However, at this point im not sure where to look or what I want to study. The only thing im sure of is that I do want to get my masters degree.
Im studying communications now and I wouldnt say that I hate it, but it forces me to deal with people way more than I would like to. If I could just write or do radio from my home that would be perfect. Trouble is, I could do that now, and making very poor money doing it. The point to spending money on good schools is to help me make 6 figures at some point. Im open to just about any program that I can get into that will help me get a job eventually. A private colleges on the east coast with a big name seems like the way to go I guess. Someone told me that you have to have things in your life that your for, that you support. Meaning that you cant just hate everything all the time. While ive made it this far hating everything I dont really take joy in doing anything that could make me the type of money that I want. Its also not a matter of being happy because that wont happen ever. I just need to be able to support myself and not have to worry about health insurance or car payments ever. Anyone who actually went to grad school please feel free to say anything about what convinced you to go, where you went, and if it did you any good in the end. Thanks

Man, you gotta do it. Going to grad school is like a respectable form of welfare.

I mean think about it, they actually pay you to sleep in and do things you'd already be doing on your own (however, if you're not already reading/writing on your discipline on your own free time you probably shouldn't consider grad school).

I just want to clear one thing up:

"The point to spending money on good schools is to help me make 6 figures at some point."

You shouldn't have to pay anything to go to grad school. They should be paying you to come there. If your grades are good enough they should be paying not only your tuition fees but also living expenses. Some departments will also give you menial teaching positions, which is often tough work (dealing with stupid, unmotivated students) but it also has its benefits (adoring legions of nubile undergrads).

The real gravy train, if you're lucky enough, is research positions. I was getting paid $23/hr to study the Situationist International's influence on the Sex Pistols. Basically, if you can hook up with someone in the department who shares the same interests as you, you can get paid to research your own thesis.

However, if you are just going to grad school to simply invest in yourself to make money, you might not get all that much out of grad school. If you're just think about money, you should probably consider upgrading in a more technical school. Grad schools eat and spit people out who aren't properly motivated.

Another thing, find an outlet for your misanthropy. You won't find anyone more misanthropic than me, but I've found ways to direct it. I dunno, maybe get involved in a type of activism--grad schools are a good place find other active people.

The money part is more a desire to make good on the massive sum of money that has already be spent on my undergrad preparing me for grad school.