Grades of Sluts..

I get my knock around stuff at neighborhood bars.. Typical daily wear sluts. Low quality, but they last a while, then get replaced.

For a step above, I go to cocktail or wine bars. Sluts are alright, a bit pricier, but still not great quality... These are alright for holiday sluts, or a dinner slut type of thing.

For business meetings and such, I like to rock fancier sluts. The sluts are beautiful, but I believe they come off as a bit pretentious. What sluts/whores do the OG bro's snag their top shelf stuff at?

The buy 1 get two free sluts at Joseph A Bank

easier the better

Well done. Phone Post 3.0

There you are, fucker! Missed ya! Phone Post

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This spin is far superior to the original.

This spin is far superior to the original.

This is a spin I can get behind. Phone Post

I like this thread better Phone Post


I swear that I clicked on the original thread because that's what I thought it said...

Thanks for making me feel less weird.

Oh, and I like my sluts eager (if that's even a grade of slut) Phone Post 3.0

In Phone Post 3.0

Mihow - The ones that like to eat the cumshot off their own feet Phone Post 3.0

So you shop in specialty stores?

Solid 8/10 Phone Post


I like rave sluts and pool party sluts. They're usually wearing next to nothing in either occasion so you know you're getting a slut that has her body on point. Phone Post

Cheap sluts good tailoring > expensive sluts bad tailoring. It's all about the fit.

I have to slut-up about 4 times per week, and I can change things up with how I accessorize, so nobody knows I only have 4 sluts. Ideally, I'd add a few more - warm weather sluts, some wooly sluts, but I'm getting by. Phone Post 3.0

10/10 Phone Post 3.0

VTFU Phone Post 3.0