graffiti tattoos? tags? not wack!

Has anyone ever seen any good tag/graf art?

I always wondered if anyone has a good tag done, or their own tag.

I'm debating on getting "fin" yes fin somewhere tagged out in old 80's style throw up.

I cannot draw graffiti to save my life, lol. The graffiti tattoos I've done have been from people who actually do it. I also had this graphic artist draw some up for a friend of his and he brought that in. It was really cool.

I have some graffiti on my stomach that I got about 13 years ago...that shit hurt.

I know there are, or used to be, magazines you could pick up that were devoted just to that art. It's amazing stuff if done right...good luck.

I'm a fan of graffiti "tag" ink.

I wish I could draw that shit. Some of it's awesome. Would love to see some ink jobs like that.

Go to and go to the 'portfolio' link and click the artist
named Chase...browse through his work..

aaron cain is good at graffiti stuff and this guy name Grimmy or something, both are amazing at color and graffiti tag stuff!

aaron cain is a bad dude

joumasepoes -

I'll host 'em.

Grime is the shiznit when it comes to graffiti.

Grime is the man for that stuff. He's still out of 'Frisco I think.

"Grime is the man for that stuff. He's still out of 'Frisco I think."

any info on the name of his shop or where he's located in frisco???

I did a google and came up with these...

Here's Grime's site, and here's an Interview with Grime.

1755 Market Street
San Francisco
94103 .
(415) 552-4297

I heard about Grime from my tattoo artist Tempt. He has work from him and cites him as his #1 influence. Tempt started out with grafitti also and moved into tattooing later.

I really like how my "traditional" Japanese stuff has a grafittiesque almost cartoonish take to it. I made Tempt laugh the other day when I was saying how I tell people when they ask what style ink I have that it's "Tempt" style, there's only one.

I can come up with some good stuff if given time. I haven't had any formal training and suck with colors and shading sometimes, but some of my newschool stuff is really off the hook.

I was actually wondering if I could approach some people and offer to do designs for their clients that want graff work. If they like it, they can keep it and I'd like to trade for time under the needle.

I'm not trying to brag and unfortunately i've never got serious about art, but here is one of my better pieces.

obviously, it says "HAIKU" I'll try to whip up one where the letters are pointed out.

Look around online and you won't see many people that do this style.

I can do wild style, more tribal, stuff like that no problemo. I just never really had the motivation considering i've got a bunch of other stuff going on in my life.

if someone wants a word or something done, let me know and i'll draw one up just for shits and giggles.


here it is with the faces of the letters marked up

realize that in some cases, like between the "a" and the "I" the joining between the letters makes it tough to see the transition.

obviously, lots less detail can go into it. An example of the same style (kinda like MC Escher)but less detail

I actually like it cleaner.

An example of more conventional 2-d style:

that says "urban" not really great connections, no arrows and stuff.

again, these are old, basically done for the hell of it...

stuff for art would be lots cleaner, but I still have a tough time with the coloring and some shading. IMO a good tattoo artist would be able to do that no problem.

the concept is the hard part and coming up with clean lines that flow, especially in the 3-d style, which is super, super tough. I can do good "tagging" lettering as well.

again, if someone is interested in a word, just let me know. to "tag" a name up (not a full piece, but script) is reaaaaly easy and would take less than 5 minutes, incuding the photo and upload.

Thing there is a potential with this stuff?


For Krept:

"one of my better pieces"

"here it is with the faces of the letters marked up"

"same style but less detail"

"more conventional 2-d style"

I have many exemples of grafitti art on me but I do not know how to post
fotos otherwise I would put my art here..sorry

email me
and I will send you fotos of my art..

maybe this will work..not sure

I have a buddy in the graf scene, Kane from the HSA crew.

I'll ask him if he has any recommendations.

theres some grafiiti at the bottom of my forearm..I try to get that up so u
can see