Gran Turismo 4

Will be the best video game ever made. Holy crap.

I should probably post information or screenshots or videos but I am too busy cleaning my pants, underwear and computer chair after reading and looking at pics and videos from E3 and what not. Absolutely unfuckingbelievable.

jonwell if you don't have a PS2 yet I am going to try to get somebody to buy you one

Big O - They are incorporating a penalty system for collisions.

If you choose to slam into walls as strategy then YOU are the moron. Not the game. I bet you're the type of guy that picks the exact same play over and over and over in Madden because it's working against the computer and you have a great time kicking their ass that way.


forza motersports for xbox pwnd GT4 at E3

Were you there? Is that your hands on opinion, or one you read? If you read it, copy and paste it here and list the url. What was it or something? lmao

I've EXTENSIVELY researched GT4 for many months including all E3 coverage from all media sources and other personal sources that were there. There is no threat of Forza overtaking the industry leader that is GT by all accounts.

I've also researched on Forza itself and I have read absolutely NOTHING of the sort. In fact, pretty much every article goes on and on about GT4 and how they are merely HOPING to compare to it. lol

Xbox has it's games, genres, but Gran Turismo OWNS the racing genre and that is an understood fact of the industry, and it will continue to be as long as Kazunori Yamauchi continues to make them. I think even the Xbox diehards got a chuckle out of your post.

The Xbox needs a Logitech Force Feedback steering wheel if they hope to compete against GT4.

Part of the appeal of GT4 is the ability to use the new "more realistic" steering wheel.

Forza looks good, but racing games are meant to be played with a steering wheel, just like shooting games are meant to be played with a lightgun, and fighting games are meant to be played with an arcade joystick.

Unless Forza has its own steering wheel in the works, the game will be second place to GT4.

That is a major drawback and one highly noted by some of the top racers around, but that will be far from the only difference maker.

But yeah some of the top racing purists aren't even giving this game a look because of the lack of wheel support.

The most highly regarded video game site just updated their site and has some post E3 info. They break it down for you on who truly got "OWNED"

Hell, FORZA didn't even crack the top two. loloolo

"....Does the thing model collision physics yet? I'm not talking body damage, just realistic loss of control, speed, an driveability."

That's the one thing I hate about games....if they're too realistic it loses the "fun factor" imo.

I've seen the footage of gt4 and it does look incredible. I'd say that the gt series are the only games that have sold ps2 systems. I know people that bought ps2 and only bought gt1,2 and gt3.

There isn't a car sim out there on any platform that touches that game.

you do realize is piss right?

Who cares? GT = boring POS. I would gladly take a shit on a GT4 cd.

Actually I take it back. GT4 has a 'photo mode', that lets you print off pictures of the game. This is going to be GREAT!

Do you just not like driving games?  Or simulation type games?  Or do you just not like us enjoying them?

I must admit driving is far from my favourite genre. That said I got ALOT of enjoyment from Midnight Club 2 a couple of months back.

I've always hated GT though. Boring as fuck. I guess if you don't like building up your car like you would a virtual pet theres really not much else in the game to recommend it.

"you do realize is piss right?"

Oh of course it is then. So when are you going to come up with some answers to my questions? Let's see some articles, or did you witness it firsthand?

tsuneo: Name some games you think are great for me.

and lmao @ Midnight Club

that's what I thought

GT4 is a game for car guys and racing fans.

If you're not interested in either hobby you won't find GT4 enjoyable.