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So, many of you know I started my own t-shirt company a while ago. I've really had fun with it and the best part is that I don't care if what I make sells or not, as long as I am enjoying making the clothing etc.

Now I won't lie, it's breaking even. For a while it was even making money. It seems to be seasonal, which is ok.

However, this thread I thought I would start just to share the artwork and clothing just to enjoy sharing with teh OG.

This is the first logo I made up. I was just playing with art and this is what I came up with. I've kept it as sort of the flagship logo. It was basically a black print on a grey t-shirt.

This one was a 2 sided print. A faded cream on blue t-shirt.

I was drinking a beer when this idea came to me.

Those dont seem very original.

Did you use to design tshirts for christians?

I started producing glow-in-the-dark wristbands last year and all the profits went to as a donation to fight cancer and support those in need.

Brockback Mountain - Those dont seem very original.

Did you use to design tshirts for christians?

I don't know what to say. Some are stuff I have done and others are stuff I have seen and altered because I thought it would be fun.

No. I can't say I have ever designed t-shirts specifically for christians. I am not sure what that even means.

Every school has athletics, right?

Some fun stuff.

More athletics.

Oops, someone just e-mailed me asking to buy some thing. This thread is not about selling stuff. I am just sharing the art and gear for fun.

This was a quick one I put together for some lifeguards who were having a party.

Of course, booze-themed t-shirts are alwys fun.

More beach theme stuff. Oddly enough, a girl who saw this immediately said it looked like sperm. I said it was supposed to be a squid.


Luncha Libre - 

I think Grand Bend University is the right place for you...

Sex Guy GBU shirt.


I did this one up and the results were funny. The hand landed right on the chest and when women wore it, the hand was right on the boob.


Hemlock - Sex Guy GBU shirt.


I have no clue what that would even look like!


I did up these zippered hoodies and lots of people liked them.