Grand Jury Clears Cops Caught on Camera Beating

Woman in Jail

woah, the cops were fired and settled civil court cases. However, this fucking Grand Jury doesn't indict them? What the fuck is going on?


Texas Grand Jury Clears Cops Caught on Camera Beating a Woman in Jail

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

by Patrick Michels for the Texas Observer

Two former Jasper police officers won’t face criminal charges for assaulting a woman in their custody last year, the last chapter in an incident that became a flashpoint for racial tension in the East Texas town.

The Beaumont Enterprise reported in November that a grand jury had cleared officers Ricky Grissom and Ryan Cunningham, who are white, for a violent encounter with a black woman named Keyarika Diggles inside the Jasper City Jail. Overhead cameras caught the officers grabbing Diggles by the hair, slamming her face onto a counter and pinning her to the floor, before dragging Diggles, by the feet, into a holding cell. According to her lawyers, Diggles spent hours in the dark “detox” cell before being strip-searched by police dispatcher Lindsey Davenport.

Along with the damning video footage, the case was troubling because Cunningham and Grissom had arrested Diggles at home that morning for nothing more than an unpaid traffic ticket. And the ticket wasn’t quite unpaid—the single mother of two had been paying down her debt in monthly installments. Even after those payments, she still owed $100 at the time Grissom and Cunningham knocked on her door—but it’s still not clear why they’d chosen to arrest her that day.

It was already a touchy time for Jasper’s police. The city’s first black police chief, Rodney Pearson, had been removed in 2012 by a City Council stacked with new members who ran, in part, on a pledge to replace Pearson with a chief they deemed more qualified; all the serious candidates they considered were white. It wasn’t until October 2013 that the council hired the current chief, Bob MacDonald, who spoke freely about the need to reach out to the city’s black community and build trust. One of his first initiatives was to buy body cameras for the city’s police force.

Diggles settled a civil rights lawsuit against the city and the officers last December for $75,000. And less than a month after the incident, Jasper’s city council voted to fire Cunningham and Grissom. That alone was a stronger response than many allegations of police brutality get, and Jasper Mayor Mike Lout said the council would work with the district attorney to consider criminal charges against the officers. Lout and other city leaders stressed that the Diggles case wasn’t a sign of some deeper racial divide in the city, but an isolated incident with the perpetrators swiftly punished.

what 's it going to take for a revolt? (hi NSA)

I'd be very curious to know how the fuck this GJ came to their conclusion.


Mushroom Slap - what 's it going to take for a revolt? (hi NSA)

Making more threads about it.

PatK - 
Mushroom Slap - what 's it going to take for a revolt? (hi NSA)

Making more threads about it.

good idea :P


I'm on my way to downtown Dallas to watch the show!!!! Phone Post 3.0

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LOL at the cop flying across the room trying to yank her by her foot.



anyone is familiar with Jasper, TX? what kind of place is that?

Mertvaya Ruka - anyone is familiar with Jasper, TX? what kind of place is that?
Very racist town. Around 15 years some skinheads tied up a black dude to their truck and drove around causing his head to fall off Phone Post 3.0

Pansat - Wait where was the beating? I watched that whole video and only saw I criminal get deal with rather gently. They didn't do anything excessive. Is there another video or is that it? If that's the correct video I see exactly why that conclusion was reached. Phone Post 3.0