Grand Prix of Presidents

Vale Tudo rules.
I got Teddy Rosevelt v Hoover in the finals.
Who you got?

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I can’t see either one of them standing up to Corn Pop. He was a bad dude.

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I’d put Honest Abe in there with Teddy.


Biden fucked up Corn Pop. This I didn’t consider. Hes def a darkhorse. Id lay $100 down. He might shock me like the Paul brothers.

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William Taft was 6’0, 340 lbs

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Lincoln was a wrestling stud who trained by cutting down forests. No one could handle his strength and ground game. Abe via head butt.

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Hoover is severely underrated in this one. His parents thought he was dead at 2 and he woke up right before they were going to bury him. They died when he was 9 and went feral and grew up with Indian killers.
He even has a game named after him called Hooverball, which is volleyball, with a higher net…and you use a 10 lb medicine ball. Fella had grit.



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Abe’s wrestling could be a serious problem for everyone. And he was a tall glass of water.

Teddy Roosevelt destroys all.
He charged San Juan hill, trained multiple martial arts and would challenge people to grapple regularly.
No other president could even come close.

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There’s only one living POTUS under 70 years old.

This is what we call in some circles as a hypothetical. Clearly living or dead presidents would not take part in a vale tudo Grand Prix. Nonetheless….here we are.
Now pick your President.

Donald Trump GIF


Teddy vs Abe in the finals win Teddy getting the finish.

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Big guy, big reach. Skinny guys fight 'til they’re burger.

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Ill take Andrew Jackson by way of experience and toughness.

Guy fought a shit load of duels including one where he let the other guy shoot first. He got shot right next to his heart and then returned fire, killing the dude.


He’ll kick you apart, he’ll kick you apart, oooooh!

Ford would be in the mix.

Abe vs Teddy is the final match!

Jackson vs Teddy if it’s duels.

I’m on board with Teddy and Abe.

Dark horses are G.Ford and JFK.